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Wide Blades by Zolitta

Groom with efficiency.

10 Wide Comb + 4 Wide Blade Set

A set containing 10 wide Attachment Combs and 4 Wide Blades, perfect for conquering any job.

4 Wide Blade Set

A set containing a 30W, 7FW, 5FW, & 4FW Wide Blade for all your grooming needs.

5 Wide Blade Set

Excel to new levels with this set of 5 Wide blades including a 30W, 10W, 7FW, 5FW, & 4FW Wide Blade.

Regular Blades by Zolitta

Everyday easy choice.

5 Regular Blade Set

Your go to regular blade essentials.

J Blades by Zolitta

The perfect 5 in 1 solution.

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