Attachment Combs

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Essentials Set

A 30W Blade with combs 3/8" through 3/4" perfect for tackling any job.

6 Comb Set

Combs 1/8" through 3/4" covering mostly all of your needs to get the job done! 

10 Wide Comb + 4 Wide Blade Set

A set containing 10 wide Attachment Combs and 4 Wide Blades, perfect for conquering any job.

8 Wide Comb + 30W

Reach new grooming heights with our do it all 8 Wide Comb + 30W Blade Set.

10 Wide Comb + 30W

Everything you need in 1 bundle, tackle the job head on with confidence.

4 Extra Long Wide Attachment Combs set 

Perfect for achieving that flawless finish in long and thick coats.

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