Check out our new wide blade and attachment combs set!

Zolitta 6 Attachment Combs / 30W and 10WF Blades Set

$230.00 $199.97

Zolitta wide attachment combs and blades set in the acrylic holder.

This product is manufactured and marketed by ZOLITTA Trade Mark, founded and owned by Nationally and Internationally Certified Master Groomer Olga Zabelinskaya, one of the Top  Groomers in the World,  Groom Team USA member for many years, speaker, educator, and judge, who received many industry’s most prestigious awards, including the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award (several times), American Groomer of the Year, and the Lynn Carver Best All Around Groomer. Olga has a Master's degree in engineering. She designs and produces Zolitta tools with the highest level of quality.

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Comb sizes:

- 3mm, 1/8"

- 6mm, 1/4" 

- 10mm, 3/8″ 

- 13mm, 1/2″

- 16mm, 5/8″

- 19mm, 3/4″


- 30W Elite works under the wide attachments, the best for rough and curly coats

- 10WF works under the wide attachments, the best for wavy and light coats

Made in Taiwan