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Bichon Frise mannequin and wig


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Model Dog and White Wig

Specially designed for grooming schools teaching and displaying, as well as for students practicing.

Designed as a Show Dog.

The high wig density is suitable for grooming competition practice or replacing real dog in grooming competition. If you need to straighten the wig, you can wash it with warm water or shampoo.

Smooth synthetic fiber material with a soapy sense of touch that providing a realistic trim feeling, specially designed for grooming school training and groomers trimming practice. A good way to display grooming skill: trimming and coloring (only for temporary coloring products such as glitter gels, chalks, color pastes, paint pens, etc.)

The material sense of touch is closer to the real dog hair, which provides a perfect protection to grooming scissors.

Material Synthetic Fiber
Size Bichon Size
Hair Length 5 inch
Color White


Combine use with  Bichon Dog Whole Body wig, especially good for trimming practice.